PuTTY的好伴侣: Putty Session Manager

Posted by zuzhihui in vps技术 on 2008/12/12 with No Comments

Putty Session Manager(简称puttysm)配合Putty, Pagent, WinSCP和Filezilla等软件使用起来非常方便,puttysm能很好的管理Putty/Pagent/WinSCP/Filezilla等的session。

puttysm的主页在 http://sourceforge.net/projects/puttysm/


  • General下面:Start on logon, Minimize on startup,
  • Tree: Expand tree on startup
  • Pageant: Launch Pageant at startup, Add Key
  • WinSCP: enable winscp support

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