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Domain activation

To activate your registered .DK domain, please proceed as follows:

1. Visit http://dk-hostmaster.dk
2. Log in with the Login and Pincode you received by mail.
3. You will get to your “domain name list”, where your domain name(s), status, and expiration date is listed.
4. Click on your domain name.
5. You will see a site called “domain name information”, where the contact and nameserver information to your domain is listed.
6. On the right, you will find a Danish link: “aktiver domænenavnet”. Click it.
7. You will have to re-enter your Login and Pincode.
8. WARNING! The following steps are only available in Danish! Don’t click on the English link, it will guide you to the start page!

The first page again shows your owner contact data, which you have to confirm. After this confirmation, you will get a red warning message that your contact data will be provided in the official DK-WHOIS. The next page shows you 2 text areas with the General Terms and Agreements and the Policies of the .DK domain names. You have to scroll down and “read” those text areas. Then you have to click the second choose button below the text areas, which says that you have read and understood the Policies. Then you can click to the next page. The next (and last) page shows your domain name again and a checkbox. Please check the checkbox and click to the next step. Now your domain name is activated. You will receive another Danish email, confirming the activation of your domain.

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